Rise n' Shine is certified by National Research Station for Banana and Department of Biotechnology, Government of India (DBT). Our virus-free, best quality, high yielding plants are available throughout the year. Rise n' Shine is producing export quality Tissue Culture Banana plants. We also provide additional support to Indian farmers for domestic fruit market under the brand name of "Rise n' Shine Fresh Banana" through its highly sophisticated ethylene gas ripening chamber system.

Plant tissue culture technology from Rise n' Shine offers great promise for the production of quality planting material on account of true to type and disease free planting material produced through micro propagation technique. Rise n' Shine maintains offer Musa Sapp. Banana Tissue cultures Var. Grand Nain. One of the most important factors in propagating bananas from tissue culture is the quality of the mother plantation. The excellent mothers are chosen to be propagated in the lab under the standard initiation criteria. We carry field trials confirming the yield before undertaking the mass distribution of plants. Huge amount of media can be sterilize through fully atomized PLC based autoclave with controlled pressure and temperature.

Rise n' Shine provides standard tissue culture protocol resulting into uniform and excellent production of Gerbera and other planting material.

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