Full-fledged international standard Research & Development department with
350-sq.ft laboratory space in the year 2009 followed by a hi-tech laboratory
with the area of 5,000 sq.ft. inaugurated in 2013 operating within the premise.

Policy :

Applied and collaborative research to achieve techno-commercial and eco-friendly solutions.

Molecular Biology Laboratory :

Established with an aim to carry need based research that improves the quality of plant and maintain the genetic purity of commercial crops. The laboratory caters all hi-tech equipments.

Plant Pathology Laboratory :

It provides a pathogen free elite plant material for commercial production. This facility includes high-end equipments.

Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory

It supports active work stations for up-to 25 research executives and students to make productive contributions in the plant biotech segment. Our state of the art Research & Development have innovative technology and a stringent quality control regime ensures best services. The genetic fidelity testing facilities guarantees the purity of the strain.

On Going Projects

  • Protoplasts Fusion allows gene transfer of disease resistance traits even if molecular knowledge of genes encoding for important agronomic traits are unknown. Hence development of disease resistant Banana is one of the major research carried out, with the modern facilities in the lab.

  • Virus Indexing of all banana viruses like BBTV (Banana Bunchy Top virus), BBrMV (Banana Bract Mosaic virus), Banana Streak Virus (BSV) and Cucumber Mosaic Virus (CMV) using ELISA and PCR.

  • Identification of Somaclonal Variation at genome level in micro propagated plants like Banana, Strawberry, Potato, Spathiphylum etc. using PCR where the DNA is amplified using Thermal Cycler and auto-generated molecular data using Syngene gel documentation system.

Other Activities

  • Isolation and Identification of fungi that cause plant diseases.
  • Isolation of airborne bacteria and bio-agents for controlling plant diseases.
  • In-vitro propagation of Teak, Sandalwood and Pongamia.